Portable Stages for Sale Fort Lauderdale

A stage is an integral a part of any mass gathering. A wedding, a concert, a dance show and anything associated with entertainment, information dissemination and promotional sale are common events that are performed in front of an audience on a stage. A large stage can be terribly difficult to maneuver to a different location. However a portable stage may be dismantled and carted to any desired location at a brief notice. Durability of such stages would possibly come in. however the science of staging has advance to an excellent level and hence longevity and elegance, each are taken care of in these Modern stages.

Demands from performers have become increasingly captivating and very demanding of stage engineers and expertise; from performers who want to be lowered down to the stage or those who need special audiovisual effects. Different acts require different kinds of platforms and thanks to stage engineering, many of the needs of the performers can be met. Custom Food Truck builders have a team of professionals that specializes on the basic and technical needs of Portable stages for diverse event. We sell suitable Portable Stages for political rallies, promotional vendors, music concerts, dance shows, recitals, and weddings or play etc.For more information on Portable Stages in Fort Lauderdale and United States of America please contact us today

Materials Used for creating the Platform

Anything moveable has to be light weight. Hence, Aluminum is employed mostly in creating stage’s skeleton over which designer platforms are use. The platforms can be of any material from glazed wood to lightweight adorned optical fibre.

Specifications of a typical moveable Stage

Strength: a mix of plywood or birch wood with Aluminum gives enormous strength to the stage and would not collapse easily.

Versatility: The staging can be finished done with set of patterns for different functions.

Easy grouping: The assembling is far easy in mobile stages for easy usage.

Storage: Upon disassembly the frame can be folded into skinny strips of Aluminum and therefore the boards can be easily stacked over on another and stashed away for later use.

Mechanism concerned during a moveable Stage


Assembling a stage involves the subsequent steps:

  • Aligning the fundamental skeleton manufactured from durable aluminum.
  • Each separate skeleton is assembled to another of such frame using multiple clamps.

These clamps increase fitness, stability and weight carrying ability of the platform that will be placed upon this Aluminum frame work of skeletons.

  • The height of this frame structure can be modified using screws.
  • The platform is place on the grooves of the frames legs. The platform itself is a multiple structure, every phase placed one by one on the frame work.
  • Other ornamental accessories will be added to the stage once this basic alignment is completed.


Types of moveable Stages

Portable staging can be of 2 main types:

Flat staging: Involves single level alignment of platform. The stage is in a single plane with all the segments of the stage at constant height.

Multi level staging: The stage is set at completely different heights, typically in an ascending or descending fashion. This kind of staging is used for seating arrangements.



Stairs                                                                                     Castors


Hand rails                                                                            Ramps


Side skirts                                                                            Leg clamps


If you are looking to get a stage, then there are many options available online which provide the complete package but at what expense? You will additionally select the specification that you just could be craving for. You will additionally order special innovative accessories if need be.

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