Portable Stages for Sale West Palm Beach

There is a stage need for any mass gathering. A wedding, a concert, a dance show and anything related to entertainment requires a stage. A bulky stage can be very difficult to transport to a different location. But a portable stage could be dismantled and moved to any desired location at a short notice. If you are looking for portable stages for sale in West Palm Beach you have come to the right place.


The ability for the portable stage to last through many performances is important because the science of theatrical production has progressed to an excellent degree and thus durability and fashion, both are sought after in these new age stages.


Substances Used in Making the Platform

Anything mobile should be light weight. Hence Aluminum is used a great deal for making the skeleton around which designer stages are made from. The stages can be of anything that is light and can range from glazed wood to studded glass fiber.


Specifications of an Average Mobile Stage

Strength: A blend of plywood or birch wood with aluminum is often used in the manufactured material and will not fail in use but will readily provide optimal durability to the stage.

Versatility: The staging may be achieved with distinct pair of patterns for various functions. Extensions can be added or removed to fit your needs.

Simple assembling: The assembling is far easy in mobile stages for simple usage than stationary stages. Anyone can assemble a portable stage with minimal help.

Storage: All of the mobile stages sold at custom food truck builders have ample storage spaces for packing of small to larger equipment.

Types of Portable Stages

Level theatrical production: Involves single level alignment of platform. The stage is in one plane along with all the segments of the stage in the exact same height.


Multi-level staging: The stage is set in a descending or ascending manner, typically at different heights. This type of staging is followed for taking better advantage of seating arrangements.


When looking to buy a portable stage, be sure to know there are a variety of accessories available to you for purchase as well. These may include:

  • Ramps
  • Side skirts
  • Leg clamps
  • Castors

If you are thinking of buying a stage, then there are several choices available online which offer the whole bundle in a discount. It is also possible to select the specification that you might be looking for. You can also purchase innovative accessories if need be. Portable stages for sale in West Palm Beach can be found by searching Custom Food Trucks Builders.


Gone is the day when indoor auditoriums host to events and concerts more than on portable stages. Performances no more restricted to such places although, they may be still the very first choice in regards to proper corporate occasions.


With promotional efforts being the standard of the day, everyone can encounter a an event or some occasion taking place in the neighborhood park, convention centers or shopping malls. Those on a scale that was somewhat larger are coordinated in arenas, creating the feel and look of an open air auditorium. For such occasions that have rescheduled and to be coordinated in an incredibly short time, mobile stages are the most critical of items.


Modern mobile stages are actually composed of lightweight plywood, as well as aluminum as an alternative to the traditional wood to create working with it simpler. Its lightness makes it mobile, whereas they have been treated with specific chemicals to make them stiff and tough to support the weight. Firms focusing on producing mobile stages must hire engineers and qualified architects that are skilled to make quality products appropriate for many occasions.